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Red Tour Talking GPS Audio Guide

It’s a fun and an excellent way of discovering a city without getting lost. As you go, the GPS will simply talk to you and not only will give the directions (such as turn right, attention slow down because children often play in these streets) as it will tell you the story of every interesting place you pass by ( such as: notice that church built in 1965 and so on).

Audio & GPS System

Our Sound System has an excellent definition so you can hear the directions even at a very low volume level. You won’t have that feeling that everyone outside is hearing the GPS voice. Very discreet and fun to follow.

You can listen and simultaneously see on the GPS Screen the directions.

2&4 Seat Electric Buggies

Rather than conventional doors, our buggies feature wide openings on the body sides providing a great feeling of total freedom, very much open to the outside world. You will experience a new visual perspective in direct contact with the surroundings so you can take fully advantage of its characteristics. Our buggies are reassuring, and friendly, very simple to drive.

100% fun 0% emissions
Contributing for a Clean and Green Lifestyle


Feel uneasy with riding a Segway? It’s so easy and fun, you will love it!

It moves by responding to simple body movements and soon feels like a natural extension of your body. You will be able to cover a lot more territory. An experience you will remember for a long time. Up-close look at historic landmarks without breaking a sweat!

Electric Bicycles

We also have Electric Bicycles

An electric bike is able to maintain a higher average speed than a bicycle and take advantage of the same network of cycle facilities, giving access to routes that cars and motorcycles cannot reach. The result is a faster door-to-door journey time than any other mode.