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Rent our Buggies or Segways to your Corporate Promotions and Events

Our Buggies and Segways are a great tool for public interaction. Their features are so unique that everybody has to make a remark about it or come and talk to you about it. It really catches people attention and curiosity!!

If you are looking for a great branding or advertising tool, our buggies and Segways could provide you a new brand experience.

Segway Advantages

Segways can be used as a wall of advertising, standing still or with a brand ambassador, interacting with your target group for product sampling promotional giveaways.

  • Segways are still relatively new and most people have never seen one up close. This attracts positive curiosity and attention.
  • Can operate indoors or outdoors.
  • Cover far more territory. Segways can operate up to 35km per battery charge. (We may limit speed if requested)
  • Carry more marketing samples than on foot.
  • We can provide Segway Training to Brand Ambassadors.
  • With a Segway, Brand Ambassadors will stand out because of its elevated platform.

Buggies Advantages

Our buggies can be used parked standing in crowded areas or used to wander freely, according to your target demographic.

  • Easy and Fun to ride, great for a pleasurable and cool atmosphere among both brand ambassadors and your customers.
  • Great for public interaction, rather than conventional doors, our buggies feature wide openings on the body sides very much open to the outside world.
  • 100% electric 0% emissions. Environmental and social concerns became the hot topic nowadays. By using our vehicles you will generate a positive image and help us engage others to a more Green Lifestyle.

Contact us for more information at info@redtourgps.com

Corporate Staff or Customer Satisfaction

Whatever your objective – To motivate your team staff or reward your loyal customers, our Circuits are a great way to improve morale and generate instant fulfillment.

We recommend particularly the Segway Circuits as their characteristics provide the perfect conditions to a unique experience, leaving a strong impression and immediate impact.

Contact us for more information at info@redtourgps.com