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Services Faq's

What is Red Tour? »
How does it work? »
All our vehicles are 100% Electric. »
How long does a tour lasts? »
Can I stop along the way? »
Do you I have to stay on the Circuit? »
Can I have a personal driver or Guide? »
Do you have foreign-language Circuits? »


Segway Faq's

What is a Segway? »
Is the Segway easy to drive? »
Is the Segway Safe? »
Are Segways safe for children? »
Are your Segways available for corporate events? »


Buggies Faq's

Are your buggies good enough to climb Lisbon hills? »
How fast does the car go? »
Are your Buggies electric or Gasoline-powered? »
How many people can fit your buggies? »
How old do you have to be to rent your buggies? »
Can I use your buggies if it rains? »
Are your buggies available for corporate events? »


Rental Conditions Faq's

What conditions I must fulfill to use your services? »
Do you have insurance? »
What means of payment are available? »


Reservation policy Faq's

What is Red Tour reservation policy? »
Reservation Fee For Group Booking (more than 2 vehicles) »
What is Red Tour Cancelation Policy? »


Additional information Faq's

Do you have baby car seats? »
Do I have to wear a helmet? »
Do I need special clothing or equipment? »


Location and Opening Faq's

How do I get there? »
What are your opening times? »